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How To Make Money Buying And Selling Used Cell Phones.

Buying and selling of used mobile phones is a good business because a lot of people can not live without phones, but only a few can carry brand new mobile phones, especially the latest models and brands you can provide people with a narrow budget option during the introduction of Their used mobile phones. You have to take note of these tips especially if it is the first time to do so.

Buying and selling of used cell phones can be very lucrative if you are serious, honest and diligent in your efforts.

Besides profitability, commercial phones are a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time or rest hours. The steps outlined below are ways to buy and sell used phones.

1. Part of the capital is devoted to business people.

To start this type of work, a certain amount of money is required. This should not be a big amount, but it should be a great thing to get the basic business requirements.
Based on the financial strength and capabilities, the average person in this business should think about starting a business with a minimum of N200 (200,000) or approximately $ $ depending on the level you want to work on me.

2. Where market research and feasibility.

It is very necessary to know which mobile phones are used to sell on the market and their prices. You can visit local retail stores that do not sell and renew used mobile phones. Calculate a list of what’s sent to popular phones and take note of the number they have for each type of phone. This will certainly give you some indication of its popularity in your area.
You should also choose the target market. Are you targeting young people, teenagers, government officials or salaries, students, etc.? You should also visit technology forums or better, and conduct a survey to find out what is the most popular handset among targeted users.

3. Learn more about phone features.

An important tip to buy and sell used phones is to understand the phone functions well. What this means in essence is that it must be technology slanted or directed. It would be easier to sell the phone used if you can market its features to potential buyers. Buyers also have questions about phone features, so be sure to get ready for the right answers. You also need to know the phone features that are used before you buy one to determine if the phone will be easy to sell or not. You can inquire about the vendor’s features, or you can search the Internet for phone features and specs.

4. Find a source or resource.

You can visit websites classified on the internet such as Craigslist, EBay and or to see if there are mobile phones used that you can buy and resell in your area. Do not pay more than what you think you can resell phones too. Note that you can sell cell phones used for retail stores what they can sell.
Or you can search for local farm shops for used mobile phones. Peasant shops are great places to buy goods with the intent to resell them, as they always pay a little to buy goods that start. They often sell them to new buyers for half of their original retail prices.

5. Consider the price.

Another important information on how to buy and sell used phones is to consider the price. Make sure that you will still get a good profit when you resell your used mobile phone.

6. Check for defects.

Sometimes the phones used are defects that can affect the price, especially if it is a great disadvantage. Don’t buy the phone used with great disadvantages like the damaged LCD screen because this would be too expensive to repair and you might end up with a useless mobile phone that no one wants to buy. It is best to buy phones used in someone from the Internet, so you can better check the status of the phone.

7. Make sure you don’t steal the phone.

One very important tip to note when buying and selling used phones is to ensure that the phone is not stolen. What you can do is get a repair certificate. This is the database that has all the lost and stolen property list.
Obtaining a certificate proves that the phone is not stolen. IMEI or the international ID number for mobile equipment is required for you to check the phone in the test database. You need to pay a small fee for the certificate.

8. Advertise your Business.

People always sell the most expensive phones like iphones and BlackBerry in this way, as there is usually a little charge for placing advertisements. Web sites classified like Craigslist don’t charge any fees, and most buyers will come to you to pick items. Paying for advertising will reduce your total profits.

Check the resources for other free secret sites. Another way to sell your products is to put your phones in glass view and put them in high traffic centers such as streets, Crossroads, shopping malls, markets, etc.

9. Writing your ad to make use of concise and clear languages.

It is important to give a clear description of the exact model and the status of the phone and the price you want to sell. Don’t forget to give your customers a description of the scratches on the screen or any other problems with the phone.

Remember that the best marketing tool for this type of business is word of mouth marketing and referral. But no one will transmit their family and friends is the quality of the phones they sell very badly.

10. Be prepared for the negative side.

As a novice or novice in this work, it is inevitable that you will end up buying dead phones or very low quality phones at the initial stage. This is the necessary loss because it will help you to gain more experience in choosing and pricing used phones. Another way you can reduce the effect or loss caused by this risk is to learn how to repair and reconfigure the phones.
Smartphones like blackberry berries and iphones can be a bit more valuable depending on the area. For phones that are more than two years of existence, we only expect to have about 40 percent of the original retail cost.

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